IOMRC Watermans Bay Building Induction

Welcome to the IOMRC Watermans Bay Marine Centre Induction!

This module serves as your gateway to the exciting world of marine research within our state-of-the-art seawater facility for broad marine research. Whether you are a researcher, technician, or a postgraduate student, you will find our resources and infrastructure second to none. From cutting-edge research aquaria spaces to controlled environment rooms with seawater supply, a quarantine space, a dark room, and a fully equipped teaching laboratory, we offer an environment tailored to fuel your curiosity and drive scientific exploration.

Join us on this induction journey to discover the IOMRC Watermans Bay Marine Centre and become a vital part of our mission to unravel the mysteries of the Indian Ocean’s marine ecosystems.

Module 1 – Introduction to IOMRC

Welcome to Module 1 – Introduction to the Indian Ocean Marine Research Centre (IOMRC). In this module, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the IOMRC, its core values, and the partnerships that drive its pioneering research initiatives. As part of your induction procedure, you will gain insights into the IOMRC staff induction and visitor access protocols, ensuring a seamless integration into our dynamic community. Furthermore, we will introduce you to the diverse organizations co-located at IOMRC, fostering a collaborative ecosystem that fosters innovation. Discover the vision and mission that propel our endeavours, and delve into the key agreements and governance structure that underpin our commitment to excellence. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together.

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M1 – WB Building Induction

Module 2 – A Guide to the IOMRC Watermans Bay Facility

Welcome to Module 2 – Your Guide to the IOMRC Waterman’s Bay Facility. In this module, you’ll be introduced to this state-of-the-art research space, our dedicated Facility Services Team, and thoughtfully allocated areas for productive research collaboration. We’ll explore the ground floor and basement, showcasing the various functions of each level so you ‘ll know how to get around the facility. As you join the IOMRC community, you become part of a dynamic group working together to uncover the secrets of the Indian Ocean’s marine ecosystems. We’ll also cover practicalities like parking and vehicle use and provide essential reminders for a safe and productive workplace experience.

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M2 – WB Building Induction

Module 3 – Work Safety and Health

Welcome to Module 3 – Safety and Health at the IOMRC Watermans Bay facility. In this module we will cover essential topics such as work safety and health guidelines, incident reporting procedures, and the availability of first aid equipment for any unforeseen situations. Understanding key hazards and general safety practices at IOMRC is crucial for creating a safe and secure environment. We’ll also explore building security and the safety measures in the laboratories, aquaria, workshop, and storage areas. By learning about expected workplace behaviours, we aim to ensure a healthy and safe working environment for all staff members. Let’s get started on this module to keep you protected and thriving at IOMRC.

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M3 – WB Building Induction

Module 4 – Emergency Procedures

Welcome to Module 4 – Emergency Procedures at the IOMRC Watermans Bay facility. Your safety is of utmost importance to us, and in this module, we will provide you with vital information on how to handle emergencies effectively. We will cover the procedures to follow in case of an emergency, including the emergency evacuation process, designated emergency exits, and the designated muster point. You will also become familiar with your area wardens and first aid officers, ensuring immediate support during critical situations. In the event of a fire or other emergency, we’ll outline the appropriate steps to take and highlight safety measures to follow. Furthermore, you’ll learn about local area alarms and where to find additional information on emergency protocols. Knowing how to respond to emergencies is essential for maintaining a safe environment for everyone at IOMRC. Let’s proceed with this module to equip you with the knowledge you need to handle any unforeseen circumstances confidently.

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4 – WB Building Induction

Induction Quiz

Welcome to the IOMRC Watermans Bay Induction Quiz! Congratulations on completing the induction modules successfully. This quiz is designed to assess your understanding of the crucial information covered throughout the induction process. Your knowledge will be put to the test as you answer the questions. To pass the induction and be eligible to activate your building access card at the IOMRC reception, you need to achieve a score of 80% or higher. Don’t worry; you have all the knowledge you need to succeed! Let’s get started, and best of luck!

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